The Heritage of Autosoterism

I have chosen to name this post The Heritage of Autosoterism because of exactly this fact:

The damage that has been done to the great doctrines of God, as He has placed them indelibly in His Scriptures, by holy men of old as directed and moved along by His Holy Spirit, showing His infinite perfection in all things, that those whom He wills may read of, and understand, that which He has been pleased to reveal of Himself, the nature of man, and how He alone has conquered that deathly self-reliance that places any of it’s trust in other than Christ alone, for those so chosen, is, by our estimation, incalculable, in human terms.

Still, the damage is not complete, and this by those same perfecting graces inherent in His grace, and we have yet a remnant that realizes “Salvation is of the Lord,” and of Him alone.

As He did not need any cooperation of the creatures in His creation of the world, and all that is in it; as the fetus in the womb holds no power over whether it will come into the world or not, so it is with the grace of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

The late B.B. Warfield states this in words which, while perhaps difficult for some to understand (but we do have dictionaries and encyclopedias, do we not?), are nonetheless well worth the read in this excerpt of his book The Plan of Salvation, which you may find online under his name on Wikipedia, in four links – one for each part; better still, I found the work on, and will include the link, for those who do not have this book and would like to read it – Part 2 is where the excerpt comes from in this post.

To God alone be the Glory – Bill Hier

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