Pupils And Mentors:Taking It To Them At Their Own Game

How many times has it been asserted that Baptists cannot be Reformed? Far too many times. The basis seems to be that because Reformed Baptists, also known as Covenantal Baptists, reject the notion that infants of believers are members of the covenant of grace, we cannot truly be Reformed. I wish not to quibble too much about that here. Suffice it to say that Reformed Baptists are not Baptists that maintain Calvinism but Baptists that adhere to Calvinism and that affirm both the covenant of works and of grace. We believe in a covenantal framework of the Bible. In fact there wouldn’t be any Christianity apart from the concept of covenant. Anyhow, I’ve extended my time on that issue.

Here is an example of a student taking it to his mentor(s) at his own game:

We see from such a paragraph that the promise is free, an unconditional message of pure grace, the Paedobaptists themselves being our mentors. And yet many whom God declares to be the heirs of this promise and who must be sealed with its sign are not heirs and never will partake of its blessings. How does all this fit together? According to the prophet Jeremiah (31:31-36), the new covenant, in contrast to the old, is one that cannot be broken. The fathers who came out of Egypt broke the first covenant the Lord made with them; but the new covenant will stand as sure as the ordinances of day and night, for it shall be engraved on the hearts of the covenantees by the omnipotent finger of him who saves by his grace. How can the heirs of this new, unbreakable covenant break that covenant? Yet Paedobaptists often speak of baptized children who grow up in unbelief as “covenant breakers” who are “unfaithful to their baptismal vows.” So constant are these terms in the discussion that they have become, as it were, technical terms in the literature. Paedobaptists evidently cannot get along without them, though it is not clear how they get along with them either, if they are to remain truly Reformed.*

I must admit that I got quite a chuckle when I read the underlined portion.
Soli Deo Gloria!

For His Glory,

*Mr. Paul K. Jewett. Infant Baptism and the Covenant of Grace (p. 151-152). Kindle Edition.


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