Refuting Arguments Against Calvinism: Calvinism Hinders Evangelism

It has often been said, that taking Calvinism to its logical conclusion will lead to a hindrance of Evangelism.

The logic is as follows:

1) Calvinism teaches that God has an elect people
2) Calvinism teaches that those elect people WILL definitely come to God
3) Therefore, there is no point in preaching.

While both the first point (Romans 8:28-30;Ephesians 1:4;Matthew 24:31;Matthew 22:14, and second point (John 6:44;Romans 8:30;Acts 13:48), are obviously true, the deductive conclusion is false. It fails to account for the means that both the bible, and Reformed Theologians, have said is the way God has ordained for men to be saved, and that is– by the preaching of the Gospel (Romans 10:15;Romans 1:16).

Not only is this not consistent with what Reformed Theologians have taught, it is also inconsistent with history. Men such as Jonathan Edwards, George Whitefield, Charles Spurgeon, Samuel Davies, were all Calvinistic, yet, if we read their sermons, and look at history, we will see that they were evangelistic. Well known missionaries such as David Brainerd, John G. Paton, Henry Martyn, and William Carey, also believed in sovereign grace.

L.R Shelton, when speaking of one of the reasons Calvinism gives fire for Evangelism said this:

“First, we know that God has a people who will hear the Gospel and be saved, according to II Tim. 2:10. “Therefore I endure all things for the elect’s sakes, that they may also obtain the salvation which is in Christ Jesus with eternal glory.” Isn’t that wonderful! Every saved person wants to see God’s people brought in. There is a fire and enthusiasm in your heart that you can’t let go. The Apostle Paul was one of the truest Calvinist’s, from the standpoint of doctrine, who ever lived. When he went forth to preach, he knew that God’s elect would hear him; whether he was in prison, whether he was standing before kings or queens, whether he was out there facing a mob, or whether he was just there facing one or a few, he knew God’s elect would hear him, and he could endure all things for the elect’s sake. Contrary to the concept of Arminian’s, in the heart of every true Calvinist there is a burning desire to see God’s elect get saved.”

Ergo, we can see that the charge that Calvinism hinders evangelism is false. On the contrary, it encourages evangelism!



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One Response to Refuting Arguments Against Calvinism: Calvinism Hinders Evangelism

  1. I was a Presbyterian .. in 3 different denominations thereof .. and this “logic” was NEVER stated in those 12 years. It's been said, in my knowledge, by Baptists and others seeking “straw rocks” to throw at other denominations whose beliefs they can't refute scripturally. And I'll say it again .. EVERY SINGLE TIME I have been approached by someone wanting to witness to me, in the 36+ years we've lived in Birmingham .. a hotbed of Baptistic thinking, it was always, without exception, been by a Presbyterian. Never once, by a Baptist (of whom there are TONS more around, then Calvinists).

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