Run To Read This, As If It Were News About Piper And Warren

Do I have your attention? Yes? Good. I could have labeled this post, something along the lines of “Piper and Warren To Write A Book Together” (which is deceitful, thus the reason I didn’t do it), and I’m sure the views would of shown an exceedingly proportional increase when compared to something like this (though, I bet that this one will receive an equally outstanding number of views when compared with the former link). What is my point here? Is it to defend Piper’s and Warren’s affiliation? No. Simply, it is a demonstration of something that I myself am guilty of. Sometimes I find myself looking for “easy reads”, instead of looking for something like this. Why is it that I rather spend my time reading about Mixed Martial Arts entering churches, or the newest provocative statement Driscoll made, instead of entering into an in depth study of God’s word? I think because its easier to critique Driscoll, Piper, or the wrongs of others, rather than getting serious about things that matter. Entering in this new year, I have resolved to be more serious about loosing up the theological knots in my theology. I have resolved to quit wasting unnecessary time, looking at the speck in my brother’s eye, and ignoring the log in my own. I hope that you will do the same.

Humbly, awretchsaved


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I'm married with two children and pastor McCall Baptist Church in McCall, Idaho.
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One Response to Run To Read This, As If It Were News About Piper And Warren

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent, you wretch – one to take to heart and remember.

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