Very Wise Words From Dr. Carl Trueman

An interesting and related development has been the growing enthusiasm for “conversation” in recent years. Conversations are wonderful as small talk or as discussions to clarify respective positions (though “dialogue” may be a better term, perhaps). However, when conversation rather than content becomes what is truly important, something critical is lost. Thus, as theology becomes a “conversation,” traditional notions of truth face the danger of assuming less importance than mere aesthetics or modes of discourse. Indeed, doctrinal indifferentism can creep forward in a way that ends only with the sidelining or even repudiation of orthodoxy in any meaningful sense. Such a “conversational” approach to theology can find a welcome home within a movement where doctrinal boundaries are few, far between, and often equivocal. For many evangelicals, boundary drawing and theological enforcement have come to be seen as offensive and fundamentally unchristian…A movement that cannot or will not draw boundaries, or that allows the modern cultural fear of exclusion to set its theological agenda, is doomed to lose its doctrinal identity. Once it does, it will drift from whatever moorings it may have had in historic Christianity.*

Very wise and true words from Dr. Trueman.

Soli Deo Gloria!

For His Glory,

*Trueman, Carl (2011-01-01). The Real Scandal of the Evangelical Mind (Kindle Locations 260-280). Moody Publishers. Kindle Edition.


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