Swim Back To Shore

Apostasy oft seems foreign. It is oft some distant person that leaves the faith. Not long ago we read about its reality, but this time it has hit closer to home.

Tyler McNabb has decided to swim the Tiber. My history with Tyler begins on the Reformed forum The Puritan Board. On there, I enjoyed Tyler’s philosophical inquires. He has always struck me as quite the intelligent fellow. We continued our friendship on facebook. I attempted to arrange for him a debate against a local Imam in Northern New Jersey (that failed). This was around the time the second annual Go, Stand, Speak conference was due to take place in Brooklyn, New York– Tyler was to speak. We met at the conference, we briefly spoke, he signed his book for me, and that was that.

I don’t wish to refute Tyler’s arguments against Protestantism , that will be done by the myriads of brothers around him. I will pray for Tyler. I pray this is a matter of temporary confusion, I pray he renounces what he has so foolishly accepted, and swims back to shore.

Let this serve, as a reminder to ourselves, that apostasy is real. No one who is an apostate now, ever thought  he would become an apostate before. Let us pray, and keep guard over our hearts.

The wise man tells us that “he that trusteth in his own heart is a fool,” Proverbs 28:26. The beginning of all security, — which is an assured entrance into all evil, — lies in men’s leaving their hearts unto themselves and trusting in them. He is no wise man (the Holy Ghost being judge) who, after so many instructions and warnings given us in the Scripture of the deceitfulness of our hearts, or the deceitfulness of that sin which is bound up in them (which is all one), will carelessly trust it with his eternal concernments. The apostle Peter did so once, upon a strong confidence that his heart would not fail him; but we know what was the issue of it. It is apt to be so with most men in this matter. They think, and do really judge, that if all men should fall off and forsake the gospel, either wholly or as unto the degrees in obedience which they have attained, yet they would not so do; but all things are filled with visible examples of their disappointment. There are no apostates but once thought they would not be so; for we speak only of them who had light into and conviction of their duty, and who had therefore necessarily resolutions to continue therein. Wherefore, a constant, watchful jealousy over our own hearts, as to their deceitfulness, their readiness to be imposed on, and secret pretenses to countenance themselves in compliance with temptations, is the foundation of all other duties necessary unto our preservation. -John Owen

Update (August 2nd 2012): Tyler has deleted his blog and facebook. He announced that he would be doing so and reconsider his conversion to Roman Catholicism. Here is the podcast where Dr. James White calls Tyler to repent. Let us pray for our brother, with genuine hearts, asking that God show him his sin.

– awretchsaved

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I'm married with two children and pastor McCall Baptist Church in McCall, Idaho.
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