A Can of Candy

It’s that time of year. And since the charismatics, fundamental Baptists, and the rest of the animals in between will be waging their holy war on Halloween, I thought I would join in on the fun. Last year I wrote on why I partake on Halloween here. And since the same decrepit arguments are used by the former groups named before, I thought I would keep pressing my rebuttal until better arguments are brought forth.
I have a nephew who is ten years old. Last year he dressed up as a cop. His sister, my niece, was the golden haired girl from the movie Tangled. They weren’t dressing up to be little Samahin devil worshipers  holding a pitch-fork, uttering incantations in some foreign tongue. Though, I guess there could be some kids who do that (darn Gaels), but it is highly unlikely. My niece, and nephew, simply wanted to be driven around neighborhoods collecting all the chocolate their little tummies could take for the next few months. That’s all. Now, if they were dressed in costumes that glorify evil, or actually believed in the folklore of Samahien, or were in reality little devil worshipers, we would have a problem. But such is not the case, and it isn’t the case with a lot of kids.
The problem of inconsistency was raised in the post last year, and I’ll raise it here briefly. Why is it that we choose and pick which historically pagan rooted tradition we’ll bash and accept? If the argument is that we as Christians have an obligation to do away with all rooted in paganism, then let’s be consistent. “Throw away that wedding ring, granny. Don’t ya know pagans did the same thing?” “Hey, I ain’t going to school on Tuesday, don’t ya know the word Tuesday originated from a pagan god?” See where this gets us? I believe, it is more biblical to say, “X was linked to some weird pagan stuff, but we don’t use those things in the same way, and we can still use those things to glorify our God”. 
Last thing: If wearing a mask, or allowing your kids to wear a mask, violates your conscience, feel free to stay home and do whatever it is you were going to do. Paul says that whatever is not of faith is sin; and I would never want you to violate your conscience. At the same time, permit us the same freedom.
Happy Halloween

About lalvin1517

I'm married with two children and pastor McCall Baptist Church in McCall, Idaho.
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2 Responses to A Can of Candy

  1. Tony B says:

    Great post, man. I am kinda in between on this subject. Mostly, i would be okay with what you brought up in this post, about not dressing as silly demonic things or anything associated with evil, but dressing as simple things like cops and stuff to go get candy and go home. For me, honestly, i am more ramped about what the day actually is: Reformation Day! Yeeeeeaaaah

  2. Awretchsaved says:

    Or you can dress as a reformer. You'll get the best of both worlds.

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