Weekly Dose Of Lloyd-Jones (On The Local Church)

The church is not a place where people are to be entertained, or where people come to sit and listen either to singing or to the accounts of other people’s experiences, coupled with a brief, light, comfortable message…

There is no independence in the body. Each part derives its meaning, its essence, from its relationship to the rest. That is the truth about the body; and it is equally true, says the Apostle, about the Church. Each organ needs the others, and each one benefits by the functions of the others…

When did you last hear of a person being excommunicated? When did you last hear of a person being kept back from the Communion Table? Go back to the history of Protestantism and you will find that the Protestant definition of the Church is, ‘that the Church is a place in which the Word is preached, the Sacraments are administered, and discipline is exercised’…

‘What are the three essential marks of the Church?’ I wonder how many would have mentioned the exercise of discipline? There is no doubt at all but that this doctrine is grievously neglected. Indeed, if I were asked to explain why it is that things are as they are in the Church; if I were asked to explain why statistics show the dwindling numbers, the lack of power and the lack of influence upon men and women; if I were asked to explain why it is that so many churches seem to be incapable of sustaining the cause without resorting to whist drives and dances and things like that; if I were asked to explain why it is that the Church is in such a parlous condition, I should have to say that the ultimate cause is the failure to exercise discipline.*

*Sargent, T. (2007). Gems from Martyn Lloyd-Jones: An Anthology of Quotations from ‘the Doctor’ (55, 56, 57). Milton Keynes, England; Colorado Springs, CO; Hyderabad, AP: Paternoster.


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I'm married with two children and pastor McCall Baptist Church in McCall, Idaho.
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