Reflections On Sandy Hook

It’s been months since I last wrote anything on this blog (bad I know, but there was plenty of writing to do at school), but its even worse to come back and attempt to tackle an issue like Sandy Hook. Now, I know what’s expected– Romans 8:28 or a passage about God’s sovereignty. I could do that and that passage or passages of scripture would be true regardless of our painful circumstances, but that doesn’t capture how I’ve felt about this ordeal. Let me recap:

On that morning, as I read about a shooting in a school, I didn’t majorly react to the news. I know those are harsh words, but its reality, maybe not only for me, but I bet for a lot of people, sadly. Its too common for us. Anyway, as I drove away to a friend’s house, I turned on the radio. And there, for the first time, I heard the shooting was in a kindergarten through fourth grade school. As I arrived at my friends house and turned on the T.V, I heard the news that some twenty children were shot and killed. What does one say to that? Why would anyone go into a school and shoot children? As if there were a satisfying answer, but there simply isn’t.

Through the course of the day, we received a lot of confusing news from the media, and sadly, a lot of unnecessary jabber from some believers. From the secular media (and we keep getting this) we get this idea that Adam Lanza was this “sick”, “mentally ill”, “emotionally disturbed”, autistic, person. He might have had some sort or mental disability, to that I’ll admit. Hey, maybe this kid was emotionally and physically abused, we don’t know. But one thing I do know, is that what Adam Lanza did on that day was EVIL. Pure EVIL. It was SIN. And why is that the media shy’s away from that language? Maybe its because we’ve gotten to the point in America where nothing is evil, where the concept of evil has vanished from minds and replaced with entertainment. Adultery, nudity, stealing, lying, that’s no longer evil. Adultery is seeking fun when your marriage gets boring, what’s the harm in that, dude? Our problem in America is deeper than the Adam Lanza’s, its deeper than gun-control or lack thereof, our problem in America is the abandonment of the Christian worldview and the glorification of evil.

As far as believers, I believe some wanted to muster the right words to soothe hearts, but were totally off the mark. I saw plenty of promotion for homeschooling, gun control, and more guns. What is the obsession with having to say the right thing at the right moment or rather, what is the obsession with having to say something at every moment? There are times where the beauty before your eyes so captivates your soul that words fall short of adequate description, and there are others where what you feel is so painful, so wrenching, that you rather not or cannot find words. The latter was this moment. There is a time to mourn and that was it. Some will still mourn and that’s okay. Your words may never comfort a mother who returns to a silent home after the death of her child. They don’t need to. God in due time will take care of things like that.



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I'm married with two children and pastor McCall Baptist Church in McCall, Idaho.
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  1. Jireh8 says:

    You would appreciate James White's reflection on the situation:

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