Sandy’s Hooks

Have you been duped? Have we all been duped? Was the Sandy Hook ‘massacre’ a government created scenario in-order to take our guns? Well, that’s what were being told here. 

I don’t buy the idea that Obama and his cronies enjoy the idea of regular citizens owning semi-automatics. Nor did I buy Obama’s fib about not wanting to take our guns away. He does. Sandy Hook is simply his justification for signing more non-sense laws that makes it harder for law abiding citizens to obtain them, we got that. 

The video above propagates the idea that the parents, families, and witnesses we’ve seen speak of the massacre are paid actors. It adds that the early media inconsistencies displays some sort of alternative story. One of the points it hits on is this idea that the families who lost little ones aren’t grieving like…normal people who lose little ones grieve. My question is, how do normal people grieve when they lose children?

What does it look like when someone loses a little girl? The idea behind this is that people grieve the same. Hey man, when my pet turtle Rutherford died, I cried for weeks. I understand that it may have been tragic when he decided to end his life and flush himself down the toilet, but not all people grieve the same. Some people get numb, quiet and distant. Heck, someone might even believe they had something to do with the death because of that. But that’s how some people grieve. Then you have the individual who doesn’t shed a tear. As a matter of fact, they might even schedule a trip to the nearest Yankee game for next week! This doesn’t mean they aren’t hurting, it just means that not all people grieve the same.

How about the early inconsistencies of another suspect in the woods? What about the mix up with the guns? What about the suspect who was according to a witness in the front seat of the police car? Here’s some news: We live in a world where news media is trying to dish out the news as fast as possible. Everyone wants to have the latest scoop. So, what happens is we get some report, run with it, and oops, we later have someone else contradict an earlier news report. This is all normal. But for the conspiracy theorist, it’s all signs of a massive UFO cover up or something of the sort. 

It pains me to see Christians fall victims and spread these lies. We ought to be people of truth because Christ is truth (John 14:6). We ought to be sincere and careful people with what we say because we will be held accountable. 

Snopes has done a fine job of carefully refuting the falsehoods spewed. You can read that here.



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