And so it ends. Kind of.

Two years ago, on February 28th, 2011, I began this blog with this post. Since then, we have grown from two lone Reformed Baptists contributors to four Reformed guys (one Presbyterian, three Reformed Baptists). This blog has over four hundred blog posts, and they will remain here. Many of them were received with open arms, others, naturally, were controversial in nature and received criticism. With that being said–we have decided to move over to

Nonetheless, we still maintain the belief that the bible is the word of the living God, and that the Reformed faith is the most consistent and clearest expression of biblical theology. We invite you all to continue to follow us on WordPress.

In Christ, awretchsaved

About Bill H

I am currently a teacher/elder at On The Way Reformed Baptist Church. We are a 1689 London Baptist Confessional church, believing this Statement of Faith most accurately reflects the great doctrines of Scripture. The church may be contacted by those interested in learning more about our church, we may be contacted at the following email accounts: or
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2 Responses to And so it ends. Kind of.

  1. There have been lots of people moving over to WordPress,… especially with Google's dis-interest with blogs and rss lately. I've been using WordPress for several years now and love it,… keep on keeping on. (oh and which guy is the Presby?) 😉

  2. Thus far WordPress seems better. The Presby would be our dear brother Felipe Diez III. He's the Benedict Arnold. 😉

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