Conspiracy Fail

Yesterday was a major blow to President Obama and his gun control proposals; every gun control proposal failed in the Senate. Background checks, Assault Weapons Ban, and High Capacity Magazine ban, all miserably failed, causing the Democrats to wage verbal war against their adversaries who won’t take part in this government conspiracy to take our guns.

But wait, weren’t we told by the conspiracy theorists that Newtown was a hoax in-order to take our guns? Weren’t we told that the people seen on video, retelling their personal accounts, were just government paid actors? Weren’t we told that Emilie Parker was not dead and was later seen in a picture with President Obama? How about the Aurora, Colorado Batman premiere shooting, wasn’t that a hoax? Or, as some argued, wasn’t James Holmes furnished with the 20,000 dollar gear by the government, how else could he afford it? If these events were nothing more than Hollywood scenes in-order to take our guns, how come the proposals fell short yesterday? Isn’t this a contradiction? Wasn’t this the perfect first step in-order to disarm us?

Conspiracy theorists lack sound reasoning; they jump to conclusions. If there are conflicting reports by two different media sources, then obviously it’s a conspiracy. If one media source, contradicts what it earlier said, then these are obviously poorly trained actors who can’t get their act together. After all, everything is a conspiracy. No sound logic can sway the conspiracy theorist from his world of conspiracies. Everything from the water you drink, to real events where people die, are simply government acts in-order to kill us off.

There is a sinful obsession here, even from believers, that lacks a faith in the sovereignty of God. Jesus, before he died, had a conversation with Pilate. In this conversation Pilate pronounces his authority over Jesus and says, “You will not speak to me? Do you not know that I have authority to release you and authority to crucify you?” (John 19:10). Jesus rightfully answers in the following verse with, “You would have no authority over me at all unless it had been given you from above”. Jesus knew that regardless of what Pilate or others wanted to do with Him, Pilate’s power was given to him from The Father. This isn’t said to excuse the sins of those who wanted to kill Jesus or Pilate for refusing to do what he knew was logically correct, but to demonstrate that Jesus wasn’t obsessed with what government conspired to do, because their power was given to them from above.


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