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Sharing The Gospel With Muslims

Thanks to Dr. James White and Ivey Conerly; Crown Rights Media for this video of the proclamation of the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims. Soli Deo Gloria! For His Glory,Fernando Advertisements

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Weekly Dose Of Lloyd-Jones

Now we often forget, I fear, that in a sense, the great business of the Old Testament is to reveal the holiness of God. We have been far too influenced, many of us, by the false teaching of the past … Continue reading

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Gospel- Centered Preaching… Is It That Easy?

I recently asked, on Facebook, about thoughts on Gospel- centered preaching. It was a genuine question. I have held to the historical-redemptive frame work of the Bible and Gospel-centered preaching. Then I entered the pastorate and started heralding the Word of … Continue reading

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Hey, Judas, You’re So Nice And Godly

Watching and reading the Elephant Room sounds a lot like that. When Steven Furtick, Perry Noble and now T.D. Jakes are being commended for being “godly, “humble,” “you love Jesus,” and so on, it sounds more akin to, “Hey, Judas, … Continue reading

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Calvinism is the Gospel?

You may have a preconception that such a declaration is wrong; I invite you to inspect it in the light of Scripture. It has been said, “Calvinism IS the gospel,” but what this means is largely lost on a society … Continue reading

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The "Doctor’s" Diagnosis Of The Elephant Room

To do anything which supports or encourages such an impression or appearance of unity is surely dishonest and sinful. Truth and untruth cannot be reconciled, and the difference between them cannot be patched over. Error is always to be exposed … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Love Of God And A.W. Pink

It speaks volumes that as I read the great men of God, of whom certainly knew about God’s love both objectively (revealed in His Word) and subjectively (experientially), when they speak of the attributes of God they unanimously never start with … Continue reading

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