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Weekly Dose Of Lloyd-Jones

The starting point, the fundamental thing, is that Christianity is about Jesus. “I’ve written to you already about Him,” said Luke in effect, “and I’m going to tell you more about Him.” Christianity is not a teaching—it is a person. … Continue reading

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It Needs To Be Said

Justin Peters took the words right out of my mouth: Some fifty or so years ago a trend began to emerge among many evangelical pulpits. Preachers slowly but surely began to abandon the preaching of God’s holiness and wrath as … Continue reading

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Calvin Answers The Accusation(s)

We’ve all heard it before, “Calvin killed Servetus!,” “Calvin forced the death of Servetus!,” “Calvin wanted Servetus dead and had him killed!” These cries that are still echoed today are nothing new. Calvin himself had to address the rumors and … Continue reading

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Thoughts On The Love Of God And His Other Attributes

Much of the confusion about God, in all His attributes, stems not from any lack of clarity on God’s part in His self- revelation of His written Word. Nor do I believe it is because we do not have enough knowledge of God … Continue reading

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The Holiness Of God In Worship

I just received this book Worship in the Presence of God and have been reading it in bits and pieces. I turned to the chapter on worship and preaching; immediately came across  this quote: When God is loved only for His love-necessary … Continue reading

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There are many who preach the Gospel, whether they are of the persuasion that God is sovereign over all things or whether they believe He has left them to respond to a presupposed “prevenient” grace, who, when they preach the … Continue reading

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Weekly Dose Of Lloyd-Jones

The next moral attribute of God that the Bible emphasises is the righteousness or the justice of God. Now this follows, of course, inescapably, from the holiness of God. What is righteousness? Well, it is holiness manifested in God’s dealings … Continue reading

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