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Why I Reject The "Well-Meant Offer"

I know this will certainly provoke the ire of the Reformed brothers on Facebook perhaps even cause them to frown upon me. While my Arminian brethren (Or those consistent with their beliefs but reject the label) may write me off. … Continue reading

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Lazy Layperson Syndrome (Are you Infected?)

Dear friends, I do not wish to be abrasive or obtuse when I assert here that laypersons have a particular responsibility and privilege to labor. At the same time, teachers in a particular subject ought to understand the limitations of … Continue reading

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Weekly Dose of Lloyd-Jones

If our conception of Him is such that He can be admired and applauded by the non-Christian, we have a wrong view of Him. The effect of Jesus Christ upon His contemporaries was that many threw stones at Him. They … Continue reading

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"You Talking To Me Willis?"

“Hyper-Calvinist!” How often have we heard this charge from Arminians launched against Calvinists that delight in the doctrines of grace. It has become the typical point of assault from many of our Arminian brothers that do not really know what … Continue reading

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Only If I Read This Years Ago…

From the pen of Herman Hoeksema: You go to church not to hear a “nice sermon,” not to be entertained by splendid oratory, not to discover the opinion of a certain learned man on a subject, but to hear the … Continue reading

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Weekly Dose Of Lloyd-Jones

There is, beyond any question, a very definite order in these Beatitudes. Our Lord does not place them in their respective positions haphazardly or accidentally; there is what we may describe as a spiritual logical sequence to be found here. … Continue reading

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Very Wise Words From Dr. Carl Trueman

An interesting and related development has been the growing enthusiasm for “conversation” in recent years. Conversations are wonderful as small talk or as discussions to clarify respective positions (though “dialogue” may be a better term, perhaps). However, when conversation rather … Continue reading

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