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A Short Exegesis of Revelation 5:1-5

by Felipe Diez III             John’s remarkable vision in Ch.4 of the great apocalypse is before Him, with a scenario he paints as exceedingly bright, bombastic, and remarkable. A great door, a voice, twenty four thrones … Continue reading

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The Doctrines of Grace in John 6

by Felipe Diez III Chapter 6 of the Gospel of John begins with the miracle of the feeding of 5,000 people, which is also found in the Synoptic tradition. Following this wonderful sign of God’s providence, Jesus performs another miracle, … Continue reading

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The Magi – Exegesis of Matthew 2:9-12

by Felipe Diez III Jesus is born in Bethlehem as was prophesied in Hosea 11:1. The Magi, who arrived to worship the child, had been summoned somehow by Herod. (v.7). This “summoning” is not part of my chosen section by … Continue reading

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Watson, Charnock, and the Prophet Isaiah

            by Felipe Diez III              A vast amount of books and sermons produced by British Puritans in the 1600s have been considered by many to constitute a fruitful example … Continue reading

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3 Types of Divine Action

by Felipe Diez III This essay is designed to introduce and logically define a few terms that many Calvinists, some Roman Catholics, Cartesian Rationalists, and some Muslims (natural or Quranic) have believed about how Predestination works itself out in the … Continue reading

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Presuppositionalism vs. Paul Copan’s Traditional Apologetics

Felipe Diez III takes Paul Copan’s article critiquing presuppositionalism to task. This is a defense of presuppositional thinking and apologetics, especially as it relates to its Clarkian version.

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Challenging Greg Boyd’s Assertions

by Felipe Diez III In the latter portion of the 20th century, a theological innovation known as Open Theism came to the fore proceeding from the work of American scholars in an attempt to challenge what is known as Classical … Continue reading

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Gordon Clark “Sanctification”

Book Review by Felipe Diez III “Sanctification” was published posthumously in 1992 by The Trinity Foundation This blog post will include some thoughts and quotes from Gordon Clark in his book simply entitled “Sanctification.” What follows is what I believe … Continue reading

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Theonomy Gets it Wrong? “A Response to Matthew Tuininga”

by Felipe Diez III This blog post is a response to Mr. Matthew Tuininga’s blog post (the blog bearing his name) entitled “Why Theonomy Gets it Wrong.” (June, 2013). Here is his post: Because of the small aim of this … Continue reading

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Types of Calvinism – A Comprehensive List

  This is an attempt at a comprehensive numerical list of categories within Calvinist orthodoxy (and a few that fall outside the realm). There are 9 total categories, 6 of which fall into Calvinistic orthodoxy. There is a summary of doctrines … Continue reading

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